Avast Av service

3 Ways to Fix Avast Av service is not responding

The developers of the antivirus do not stand still and are constantly working on improving the antivirus system, making new changes and optimizing its work. However, sometimes it is possible that users of system see on their screen the next inscription Avast av service is not responding. This situation usually appears because of limited or conflicting rights to upload and download data to disk, system folders or the Windows Registry, preventing the Avast installer from adding, updating, removing or modifying some program files or Registry entries.

In this article we will consider main reasons of appearance of this disconnection and also we will advise three ways of how to correct it.

So before fixing the problem you need to know the possible cause of it. In the following paragraphs we will tell you the cause of the problem and their solution right away, let’s begin.

Defusing the protective shields

The most common reason why avast may not work is an accidental or intentional deactivation of one of the security blocks. You will know at once that there is something wrong with your antivirus judging by the yellow triangle located near the avast icon on the screen panel.

In order to reactivate them, go to the avast menu and choose the “Protection” button on the left, click the “Protection main components” function and launch all the options.

Malware alert

The major indication of malicious virus activity is the incapability to access any antivirus software running on the desktop platform.To get out of this unpleasant situation, download a curing utility that can scan the system without preliminary downloading . Such a tool is Dr.Web Curelt. Once the scan is complete and the harmful virus is eliminated, Avast functionality should return.

Major crash in operation

You should never exclude a system crash no matter how reliable it is. If the previous tips didn’t help in solving the problem, pay attention to the next one.

Open the Control Panel and select Programs and Features , then go to the list of preinstalled software and completely remove the program from your PC. You will also have to manually uninstall any Avast folders that you have saved. After that, head to the official Avast website and download the latest version of the antivirus again.

OS malfunction is the rarest case of system malfunction but it also requires much more effort in fixing it. To correct the error, you need to run the procedure of rollback of the operating system to the last restore point.

In the end, we can say that there are many reasons why Avast is not responding and neglecting to perform its regular duties. But we would also like to note that taking a complex method will pay for itself a hundredfold due to the large scale of actions and 100% likelihood of success.