AMD Radeon r7 200 series

AMD Radeon r7 200 series

In this article, we will be talking about AMD Radeon r7 200 series which is a family of GPUs or graphic cards. We will be concentrating on 4 models the 265, 260, 250, and 240. AMD Radeon r7 200 series is the first-ever budgeting card series created for the main purpose of having affordable cards with decent performance. 

If you are on a tight budget or you do not really need a powerful graphics processor then AMD Radeon r7 200 series is the one for you. The R7 200 series is equipped with enough video ram for your everyday task. 

Key features of AMD Radeon r7 200 series

Here are some of the key features of the graphics card:

· The availability of 320 processor streams;

· Core can be overclocked to 730 MHz;

· 4GB of in-built DDR5 memory;

· Memory can be clocked up to 1600 MHz effectively;

· The availability of PCI Express 3.0 interface

The graphics card of the R7 family has the crystal size of 28nm, which is not too high in comparison the competitors on the market, it could cause an overheating problem. But the two inbuilt cooling coolers counteract the issue when it arises by cooling the chip. But you must always clean the cooler regularly.

Computing Process of AMD Radeon r7 200 series

The availability of processor can be different in the devices of the same lineup:

· 5 computational units with 320 available processors in the cheapest model;

· 8 blocks of units with 250x processors in the model with number 250;

· 12 blocks with 260x in the 260th model;

You want to have more computing blocks to get faster performance.

Important technical properties of the graphics card

The graphics cards of R7 lineup provide a high quality output of video signal on screen. The amount of screens connected to the device can vary depending on the available interfaces:

· Combination of HDMI and DVI interfaces allows to have access to three screens.

· DisplayPort interface provides a possibility to connect the fourth screen;

· If the card has an MST interface, the user can connect up to six monitors.

The quality of gaming on the graphics cards of R& lineup

When it comes to gaming AMD Radeon r7 cheapest card is good for older and less advanced titles. Games can be tweaked to run on this card by lowering resolution and graphics but a modern game will still not run smoothly. Most people who opt for this card are either looking to upgrade their PC or they need something for basic video editing. 


If you are on the fence about buying one of the Radeon R7 graphics cards, this review is for you as we have taken time to elaborate on the characteristics and specifications of these graphic cards. We hope this review has helped you learn more about AMD Radeon r7 200 series.