Trend Micro Antivirus Review

Trend Micro Antivirus Review

Trend Micro has over 250 million users worldwide. It speaks volumes about the quality of services since so many people trust their data and devices with this antivirus. However, some users still wonder if it really works. Let’s find out the answer in this Trend Micro review and discover more facts about the software.

The highlights of the program

This antivirus protects users from malware, ransomware, and other threats. Aside from that, it protects users when they visit any websites, scans emails to prevent infected attachments, shields from phishing sites. The bundle even includes parental control features.

Trend Micro uses artificial intelligence to single out suspicious activities and block them before they get to the device. What’s more, it includes advanced privacy protection features that are rare.

The advantages of the Micro Trend

The popular software has plenty of benefits to offer, namely:

  • The software has simple and user-friendly navigation, even a beginner will quickly learn to use it;
  • Effective scans detect all threats and efficiently remove them;
  • Anti-malware tools shield the computer from threats like viruses, ransomware, phishing sites, spam, malware, etc. An outstanding fact here is the lack of false positives. It’s a high bar for some other developers;
  • The software has a set of privacy tools, which include a privacy scanner, social networking protection, pay guard, and data theft prevention tool. Together, they deliver all-round protection to user’s personal information.

The drawbacks to account for

Yet, not everything is perfect. In case you find any of the following disadvantages relevant, choose another solution:

  • Many users agree that the brand’s pricing policy can be confusing;
  • The customer support could be improved, too;
  • Keep in mind that scanning can slow down the computer performance speed. It also needs more CPU power. On the other hand, this scan includes optimization.

Extra features that stand out

Micro Trend stands out in more than one way. Aside from the unique privacy protection methods and effective AI, the software offers additional features. One of them is Secure Erase. The tool deletes files with sensitive information without leaving any traces. A user may pick a quick erase or a permanent erase.

The brand also offers convenient parental control tools. Unlike alternatives from other developers, these are easy to set up. Everything is convenient and straightforward up to a possibility for parents to pick precise sites children can access, when they can do it, and how many hours they can spend online.

The brand’s Mute Mode resembles a lot Do Not Disturb Mode, but it turns off notification for 24 hours. Additional features include a toolbar, a vault, a password manager, and a folder shield. They don’t stand out much since other companies have similar offers.

Pricing policy

A user may pick a one-year or a two-year plan. It also has an auto-renew feature. So, in case you decide to switch to another software, you’ll have to stop the subscription from your account. Simply deleting the software is not enough in this case. Remember it to avoid paying for the services you won’t use anymore.

The verdict

Micro Trend is a reliable company that offers a selection of unique features as well as high-quality protection. It’s easy to set up, adjust the settings (if needed), and forget about malware, viruses, and other threats the Internet is waiting to give you.